(6) Honey Months

Second trimester was the honeymoon for me…. Since I’m talking about the 3 months (4, 5 & 6) pregnancies, so I called it honey months.

I could eat whatever I want. I also pass the MOGTT test.  Alhamdulillah….

Mostly I was active for the second trimester.

During 4 months pregnancy – I got the chance to join Dear Dear for an outdoor photography with Ayu & EE.

During 5 months pregnancy – I attended my friend’s wedding.

I even went to visit my hometown in Sibu.

Mostly when I bumped into my friends, they had started didn’t recognised me. Maybe muka dah semakin mengelembu… And if they saw, some of them didn’t realised that I was pregnant. hehe…

Shopping was still my favourite activity. Temptation keeps ongoing like there was no end to it. hehe

From these stages I had welcomed some major symptoms like leg cramps, finger pain and numbness.

Almost every night I had a leg cramps and the shooting pain was undescribable. huhu.  Dear Dear taught me to balas balik whenever I had a leg cramps.

As for the finger pain and numbness, it was the worst part I experienced during 2nd trimester. I couldn’t hold things.  Holding a pen was difficult for me.

My feet started to swell and it was getting worst until my late pregnancies…

During pregnancy, I mostly afraid if my athritis attack. Alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan sedikit sepanjang pregnancies. Tak pernah pun athritis menyerang… Cuma swollen feet je yang buat rasa macam tak selesa nak berdiri or duduk terlalu lama..

p/s : Masa ni ramai yang membuat ‘tebakan’ that I was carrying a boy. Except for my mom, Freda’s mom and Kak Karina… Orang-orang tua selalu tepat… kan… My instinct as well. I had imagined that I was carrying a girl. hehe… 


4 thoughts on “(6) Honey Months

  1. Hi! Thanks for adding me in Goodreads 🙂

    Yup…the 2nd tri mester is the best. 1st vomit like upside down. 3rd cant barely walk hahaha….

    I can see the nose started to kembang..means 3rd tri mester already?

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