I need a snack and a nap….

Happy Sunday!

Once, someone told me that I’m obsessed about my daughter.

Am I? I was taken aback somehow, but managed to reply ‘Sukahati akulah.. ngan sapa gik aku nak obsess”

I think every mommy out there were obsessed about their children. Don’t you mommies?

It’s not like we’re showing off our children to the world.

It’s like we’re just wanna share our joy and happiness by having a great time raising our children.

It is… something that can’t be described as words indeed.

Well, the person who told me that before is still single. Wait lah…

Okay, today I would like to ‘obsess’ about Amani who had started to love her porridge meal.

I need a SNACK and a NAP (as written on her bip). Can be translated as 'makan tido makan tido' ahahaha

She loves every food that comes into her mouth.

Currently the porridge is her favourite meal.

If only she have a facebook or twitter.  I bet her post will slightly not different like me…

Maybe Amani will write : “Today’s temptation is….. ” “Emmm… the porridge makes my day!”





4 thoughts on “I need a snack and a nap….

  1. yes dear… every mommies out there obsess about their son or daughter… 😀 me also obsessed about my friend’s children… ehehehe sooo comel…

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