at 4 a.m.

Now it’s like a routine for me to wake up as earlier at 4am.

This is the time I would do the house chores and blogging…

And sometimes sneaking to get my ‘drug’

Adding one drug for this month is Sutera Bidadari from Ramlee Awang Murshid.

Yes, I’ve been following this epic since introduced by Kak Pidah.

Quite late for a follower for me to read Sutera Bidadari because the last part for this epic will soon to be launch.

Can’t wait!!!

Sunan never frustrated me. Everytime I read this series, automatically I’m entering the screenplay created by RAM.

How I wish it will soon to be a major film. And this time I want Faizal Tahir to become Laksamana Sunan. (Liza, ada gik angan-angan tok… ahahhaa).

Now Amani inherits this reading hobby from me and Dear Dear.

Somehow she has her own style of reading….

p/s: Found the bookmark pieces inside her mouth… Nak marah ke tak? muhuhu

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