Dear Someone

Dear someone,

I know that your still in grieving and I consider that you are still down at the moment.

But please…. throw away your selfishness.

I’m not your guardian angel who will sit and hear you mourned 24 hours.

I’d sacrifice my time for you and I was a little aggrieved by your attitude.

Have you ever thought what we’ve been through while helping you, heard your mourned?

Have you ever thought that we are also have problems, and you didn’t bother to ask?

Last question. Have you ever thought of our feeling? Especially when suddenly you are avoiding me.

Damn I’m tired of this childish games.

The best way is to leave you alone if this is what you preferred to be your best solutions.

I may be cruel but I have my own commitment.



6 thoughts on “Dear Someone

  1. Hmm..that’s life..sometimes ppl only thinks of their feelings n put others aside..just do what u managed to do..the rest is up to 2 happy..take good care of ur heart..cos sometymes..nobody cares for ur heart except u yourself..

  2. sometimes people expect kita ada each time he/she’s having bile turn kite, she seems care less:( lumrah alam kot kan?ape2 pn..u take care k dik:)

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