(7) Pencen movie (Temporary)

Movies that I don’t want to miss.  But I have to sneak into DVD shop soon.. =(  :

1) The Avengers

2) Dark Shadows

How I missed the moment of watching movies with my brother and DearDear especially during pregnancy.

During pregnant, I am a movie addict.

Although I would  feel uncomfortable, but I was still enjoying it.

I think, Amani was responding to the movie also that’s why she kicked me inside. ahaha.

Almost got a hip pain due to sitting for a long period and the cold temperature (that was while watching Transformers in 3D).

Fell asleep at the end of the movie (Almost every movies. The worst is The Green Lantern.)

I remember while watching Hantu Bonceng. That was when I was 7 months pregnant.

Laughing wasn’t the best remedy at that time. I laughed on Zizan and I had to embrace my belly. Because one : It hurts.  Two : I can’t stop laughing.  ahaha. Oh my… how lame. hehe.

Watching Korean Dramas is a must.

Ask my office colleagues, they would end up finding me watching K-Drama. ahaha…

Now I have to pencen movie first. For temporarily lah.  Wait until Amani is grown up. Then we’ll go to the cinemas together. Yippee!


6 thoughts on “(7) Pencen movie (Temporary)

  1. I’ve watched the avengers yesterday..nang superb..n guess what..i have longer movie list than u..let’s see..dark shadows..madagascar3..snow white n the huntsman..brave..suma gara2 the avangers..byk glak trailer cta baru..hehe..

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