So Long Akma

Froggy clip given by Akma

I should post this entry yesterday.

Because yesterday, Akma had flew to JB.

The day before yesterday, we managed to had a great time with her in the office.

We doodle on the whiteboard. Muahaha

Dedicated doodles to Akma

Benarlah kat orang tua-tua… too much laughing can end up with tears….

Hujan lebat time bersalam dengan Akma…


Good luck, sis!

Perasaan Ketam on May

It’s been awhile I didn’t post any recent temptation. a.k.a ‘Perasaan Ketam’

Last Sunday, had a breakfast with Kolo Mee.

Kolo Mee

Actually my dad bought Mee Jawa, Laksa Sarawak & Kolo Mee.

So I chose Kolo Mee.  I bet you’d guess me to choose Laksa Sarawak right.

Hmm mmm.. naah. Tried once, and hesitate it.

My tongue has back to normal. Lidah ‘mem’


Yesterday had a farewell lunch for Akma with my office colleagues.

So we went to Madam Tang’s.

I ordered Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken

Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken

Lidah ‘mem’ wouldn’t stand to eat Nasi Lemak right?

I just ate the rice, without the ‘sambal’. muhuhu

Price : RM6.50

Taste : Love the crunchy chicken.

Jangan Mengorok

7 months Amani & 7 years old Yaya

Children pronounciation sometimes sound very funny.

My brother once pronounce Mirah (Red) as Mingkah, Wap as Wahap, Tekoyong (Snail) as Ketoyong.

My cousin had problem to pronounce the letter ‘R’.  Everything with R she’d replaced with ‘V’

For example : MeRah  as MeVah, MaVek, Gevek… 

My niece Yaya also have her favourite words.

Kicap as Picap, KFC as Kepepsi, Juera (my name) jadi Syuwaa… (terus melekat nama Syuwa sampai Adam and Danish…)

One day she told DearDear like this “Uncle Lan, cikgu kamek madah sik boleh ‘mengorok’

Mengorok =>Merokok.


Baby Camera


Are you a camera freak?

Then you must  be fancying to own this keychain.

Introducing the Baby Camera Keychain.

I’m selling it at price RM18.

Available in three colours : PINK, PURPLE & ORANGE

Special function : A light flash and sound when you hit the button.

Do contact me if you are interested ay~

(10) Like a Balloon

What do you see when looking at pregnant women (precisely yang tengah sarat mengandung)?

A jumbo gigantic elephant?

A big balloon?

Or… a woman whose suffering her whole body ached carrying an extra weight.

If only everyone had a thought of the last one, then pregnant women are indeed feels very welcome in this world.

In fact, the first and second option are always pictured in every one’s mind.

Betul tak? Sometimes boleh gelak-gelak lagi tengok orang mengandung yang tak balance bila berjalan.

One word for you (if you had this kind of thought) : CRUEL!

Well, I suffered enough especially during my third trimester.

I gained 30+kg from my normal weight. The last weight noted on my ‘pink report book (38 weeks)’ was 80.8kg!

8 months pregnant with my brother Edos.

I originally had a mild athritis on my right knee.

During my third trimester, I suffered joint paint on my left knee. Maybe because of the weight, I carried.

My feet started to swollen since I was 5 months pregnant. And it getting worst till the labour day.

I look like a balloon full with water inside… muhuhu.

Nonetheless, I manage to face the moment. Pregnant women are stronger I tell you!

Well, that’s not the point actually.

The point is, where are the concern Malaysian people?

I remember when I was in the shopping mall, I was tired and couldn’t bear to stand any longer.

So I was searching for a sitting spot. Lucky me to find one, but luck was not long enough for me.

There came a group of family berebut-rebut to take the place to sit. Bapak nya mak nya anak-anaknya… hambik kau semua lah.

I was standing there in hoping that they would concerned since I am pregnant at that time.

But huh! I think that stools were customized for their family. I guess they had engraved their name at the stool as well.

I pun mengalah, and just leaned against the wall. Pun…. nobody concern.

Second incident, I was going out from a shop. Went straight to the parking lot.

Suddenly, my dress was stucked at tayar motosikal. I was carrying things with both hands and couldn’t help myself to remove my dress.

There was an aunty at the back, and she just watched me struggling to escape. Lame!

Third incident, I was walking with imbalance weight when suddenly a mother with her children pass by me and hit me.

Do you think you are playing Angry Birds or what? Berpusing aku dibuat nya…

Bukannya nak sorry, she just went straight like nothing happen.

I had to hold against the wall to balance myself.

Some people who saw the incident, semua geleng kepala.

Pity me… pity us pregnant women.

So back to my question : Where are the concern Malaysian? I only see the typical Malaysian…

Penat je cekgu ajar naik bas, beri peluang orang tua or wanita mengandung tempat duduk….

Nak kena naik bas dulu kot. huh..

I hope by writing this thought, everyone outhere can see pregnant people very clearly.

Please see through tembus into their heart….please please please…

They’re struggling, they’re suffering.

They’re sensitive, they need support.

They need us!

Sekian, makseh.

Lion Hair

Seriously, a haircut is in need for me now.

Rambut sudah macam singa!

My hair is kinda thick and wavy.

Everytime when I went to the saloon, the hairdresser always sighing and said “Banyak ho..”


So for this time, I’m going to attack the saloon again.

Beware! The Lion Hair is coming. muahahahhaa.

Sapa pernah pegi saloon kat Everise BDC?

Ok sik owh?

Another farewell

Yes another goodbye from my colleague : Ama

Things I’m going to miss Akma

  1. Every morning, a message would pop up on my scrren : “Oyemami…”
  2. Some stupid mispronounced words : “Ayam Giring” “Johot” “Aron Azin” “Ayaman”
  3. Perasaan Ketam : Temptation on food
  4. Crazy imagination which would lead to a hard laugh : Ama as JLo, Me as Kelly Clarkson
  5. We love Pitbull
  6. Sharing problems
  7. Listening her fantasying about her loyal boyfriend(s) : Marc Anthony, Maher Zain, Pitbull.. quite recently JLo’s Beau. ahaha
  8. Talking about our ‘school project’ : Cartoons, Drawing, Fancy Things
  9. Chased by dogs (Always! Most unforgettable was on the staircase. Wahahaha)

Most of all, I’m going to miss her! (and already I am… T.T)


Bila Abah mengajar Amani

Yesterday was a restless Saturday.  Today I prefer a  lazy Sunday….

Kalau Mama dan Abah nya book worms, Amani must be trained as a book worm also. hehe.

This is the second book I bought for Amani after the Bouncy Garden.

One day, without my absence my mom saw DearDear tengah mengajar Amani reading this book.

It goes something like this…

Abah : Amani Amani… apa tok?


Abah : Amani Amani… apa tok?


Abah : Amani Amani… apa tok?

“Roti kebennnnn”

Mama : [speechless] ………………………

(9) Prenatal Stimulation

Part (9), introducing sounds to my womb.

When my pregnancy was still at 2 months, DearDear was excited to buy me a headphone to be placed around my belly.

So I was demanded back then, I told him I want a white headphone and it must be not too tight.

Poor DearDear, the first one he bought was too tight, so he bought another one. (Don’t blame me why I was so demanding. I told you, everything must be precisely during pregnancy, if you were following my entries)

Until my pregnancy reached 6 months, I started the prenatal stimulation.

“Prenatal stimulation is a method that uses stimuli such as sounds (mother’s voice and musical ones), movement, pressure, vibrations, and light to communicate with a developing baby prior to birth.” Quote from

I found that many people using classic music as their stimuli. It depends on you actually. How you want to train your baby.

Well, I didn’t encouraged myself to introduce my baby through music. As a muslim, I’m trying my best to introduced her with some surah-surah from Quran. I want her to know Allah in the first place. Usually I put on Surah Maryam, Ayat Kursi and Surah Al-Fatiha. I did it every night after the Isya’ prayer.  I was making it as a routine for her.

Did she repond it well? Yess, she was like making a 360 degrees turning inside my belly. I even can feel that my belly macam berombak-ombak je kat dalam tu.  Hehe. Alhamdulillah…

I bet mommies out there had this experience s well.

Apart from that, we are encouraged to recite the Quran itself. Knows the meaning is a bonus for you.

I kind of started to recite Quran quite a bit late. I remember it was when I reached into second trimester I only started to recites Quran. It is because during my first trimester, I was so so weak after 6pm. Remember I’d abandoned my fb, blog and even reading materials during that time? For 3 months, I only lay on my bed. Like a queen. wuahahahhaa…

Almost every night I recites Surah Maryam, coz I really dreamed of having a baby girl then. hehe.

Alhamdulillah it is working.  Did you know Surah Maryam is a doa  for ease at childbirth.

Recitation during pregnancy

  1. SURAH AL-FATIHA – To light a strong heart & mind
  2. SURAH MARYAM – If a woman recites this surah in pregnancy, particularly during labour, she would not feel the pangs of delivery.
  3. SURAH AT-TAUBAH – To cleanse the soul and protected from evil
  4. SURAH LUQMAN – To obtain a faithful and intelligent child.
  5. SURAH YUSUF – To obtain good a soleh, a healthy, beautiful & perfect child.
  6. SURAH YASIN – For peace of mind and children are not influenced by Satan, the call to the vice. “Teach Yasin to your children, it is the bouquet of the holy Quran”, said Imam Jafar al Sadiq.

 Until now, I still reciting Quran for Amani especially when I want to put her into sleep.

I will recites Ayatul Qursi, Surah Al-Fatihah, Surah An-Nas, Surah Al-Ikhlas & Surah Al-Falaq. Not forgetting, to train her with the Doa Sebelum Tidur.

Alhamdulillah.. she sleeps very well.