Abandoned drug

Normal la kan if you have abandoned some novels. Precisely bored novel. Or… Stories that makes you trying and keep repeating reading the sentences, in the end you were lost in the plot.


I’ve just abandoned one drug. Din Kunyit (Dean Koontz) punya novel la. Guess I’m not so into thriller. Will resume to read it later. (yeah… Later later. Haha). 

Currently reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Yeah.. Classic mode on. Wehee..
Ropol2 and corset baju on. Da~


4 thoughts on “Abandoned drug

  1. betul tu. sometimes baca punya baca tak masuk otak. Macam tu Rusdie Salman….semua cakap his novel bagus. I baca baca tak paham

    eh you like to read kan? Go join netgalley.com, booksneeze.com and tyndale.com. Can get free books but some of the books kat booksneeze and tyndale ada sikit unsur christian la . But some not that much unsur christina..macam lis weilh tu best.

    • Kan kan… I thought I’m the only one who stuck in this kind of situation. ahaha.
      Wow. Thanks for the link dear. Will browse them straight away. =)

  2. hah..itulaa rasanye reason i dah lama tak baca novel..makin lama makin susah nak masuk..hehe..dulu, suke giler baca tapi byk pinjam member punye jek..hehehe..

    btw azura, camne nak change nick akak to maya amir bile tinggal komen.. die still read nick akak yg lama using the gmail address?

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