Secret revealed

Psst… I have a secret.

Well, after this it is no longer a secret lah. muahaha

Yesterday I joined my office colleagues went out for lunch.

Indeed I was fasting though… haha.

Hey it’s not what you’re thinking lah.

I didn’t joined them to eat, I ‘tapau’ mixed sushi and toyaki for the iftar.

Ain persuaded me to buy this. “sik sedapla Ain… kali dah sejuk..”

After that I sneaked into Popular Bookstore while waiting for them having their lunch.

It was a mistake dragging myself into Popular.

I saw this book (Which I had been dreaming to own it)

Switched by Amanda Hocking.

Without second thought, I terus grab the book.

So, this is my May Drug.

I like!

p/s: My colleagues mesti x perasan I bought this book yesterday. hehe


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