Baby McD


Everytime I feel like to update my blog everyday.

Somehow, time is limited for me now. Sleep is priceless..

Whenever Amani took a nap, I would end up a short nap as well.

Speaking of my little Amani, she had a new haircut. hehe.

On Saturday, the three Bears (Abah + Mama + Amani) went out for browsing around.

As usual, Amani would sleeping during the ride.

We stop at McDonald. (My favourite place )

Thought she would continue sleeping while we got our stomach full.

Indeed, she just can’t get her eyes off of the food. muhuhu

Amani : Mmmm… fries, porridge…. fries or porridge….. fries… porridge…..


Amani : Fries… porridge… fries… porr…. Mmmmmm…. nom nom nom….


Amani : Yummy.. I never taste such a delicious porridge. I want more!


And there goes the tantrums she threw if I lambat sikit feed her.

Everyone were looking at me. muhuu…

I know apart from that, she needs sleep.

So off we go, and she continued sleeping.

p/s : How do you cope with people if your kid meragam?