(8) Live and Kicking

Part (8) – Quickening….. The first kick.

I started to feel the quickening when I was 5 months pregnant.

At first I didn’t realised it, until everyone was asking me ‘Dah ada rasa gerak-gerak sik?”

How should I know the feeling?  (I asked myself)

And then my mom and my mother in law told me the feeling was like something tickling at lower abdomen.

Owh…. kalau rasa mcm tu memang dah lama rasa dah… I thought it was because of gas or something.

Some people said it feels like popcorn popping, a goldfish swimming around, or butterflies fluttering.

All checked.

First time feel it, rasa geli…. hehehe. After I knew it was a baby movement, I kind of enjoying it.

The kicking becomes stronger each days.

The most active time was at night.  Especially after I read Quran for her and after I’m on ‘temptation’. ahaha.

Macam ada football match kat dalam perut.

Sometimes me and Dear-Dear will sit together and watched my belly movement.

She even responded toward us.  The joy and the feeling can’t be described into words.

It was so WONDERFUL!

Sometimes my belly was imbalanced.

I remember she always menyenget kat belah kanan.  It even took a longer times to readjust her back into position. huhu. So my mom said, kalau baby girl memang suka menyenget kat belah kanan.  Based on her experience.

Now, Amani memang suka kicking. Takpelah untuk melatih otot kaki dia kan…

p/s: Kalau suka sangat nak kicking, nanti Mama register Amani gi kelas Karate. muahahaha.



6 thoughts on “(8) Live and Kicking

  1. i slalu bagitau my son yg dah besar tu..ni kaki ni lah selalu tendang2 dlm perut mama..nanti derang akan tanye mcm2 sbb nak tau camne baby dok dlm perut.. i’m sure u can’t wait that moment..berborak dgn amani:)) i mean berborak mcm adult laa.. i’m sure amani skang pandai berborak dlm bahasa die kan..heheheh

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