Believe it or not, once I had no idea what is the meaning of BFF.

How lame… I’m getting old fashioned. muhuhu.

Ok, for those who still wondering what is BFF (youngster’s term).. here’s the definition I got from the internet.

BFF means : “Best Friends Forever” or “Big Fat Friend/Female”

Aaah… belum gik terms LMAO, HB, MGBU, TC etc… Itu anda google sendiri lah. ahaha.

Speaking of BFF (woseh), I’m sure everyone has one.

Including my dear Amani lah..

Well, this is different from an imaginary friend.

Introducing Amani’s BFFs : Mr. Froggy, Lion & Teether.

Lion is her first BFF bought from Mummycare. Came along with her rocking chair.

Not that she likes to hold it, but she loves to chew the feet and the ‘label’. muhuhu…

So my sister bought her teether.

This teether really looks like acuan gigi palsu. ahaahaa… But it is chewable. ahakz.

Who knows, in future Amani follow her Aunty Lina to become a dentist. hehe.

Thanks Aunty Noor a.k.a Anjang!

Now, her most favourite BFF : Mr Froggy.

Bukan sebab Mama dia minat ngan froggy k. Well to be honest, that’s part of the reason we bought it. hehe…

Actually, it was DearDear who bought it. He loves to buy me froggy stuff since zaman cintancintun.

Now he bought it for Amani pulak. muhuhu…

This toy is not an ordinary toy. It’s a bottle holder + teether.

Look at the creative design. The hands were the teether.

This product is from

If you’re in Kuching, you can find it in the Poppies Store, The Spring.  (My favourite shop since dah ada Amani)

Bought so many toys and teethers for Amani, in the end she likes to chew the label also…. muhuhu…

“Toys won’t just enhance your baby’s physical development. Once he’s able to join in with simple games with you, play will hone his cognitive, creative and social development skills too. “ I quote this from BabyCentre.

p/s: Next mission is to hunt for Baby Cubes (First time saw it from Dr. Halina’s blog).


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