Actually I am ‘bermonolog’ whether to keep on fasting or off for today..

Here I am… thinking and doing Q&A with myself.

I have been fasting for 16 days. (On and off)

Recently I feel pain on my left abdomen. And it’s getting worst after the iftar.

I couldn’t lay on my left side. Is it gastric?

DearDear and my parent told me not to continue the fasting.

But I feel like, one day is very precious to me. I have 20 days fasting debt left. muhuuu….

Rejab is approaching next week, and then followed by Syaaban… and Ramadhan is coming soon.. I have no much time left.


While waiting for the answer, let ‘s “cuci mata” with the pic below.

Rasanya belum lagi revealed the ‘pengantin’ from the entry Sneak Peek Wedding kan.


Can you see where does Amani lay her hand?

Mama knows very well, she will grab that flowers and crumpled it.

The truth : Daun-daunan tercabut…( Alahai Amani….)

Aunty Anne nak timang-timang Amani….

I purposedly put on the legging for her instead of ‘mini’ pant. hehe.

Sebab orang terlalu ramai, nanti semua nak pegang-pegang kaki dia. Bukan nak kedekut dengan anak, but for health protection though… Cuaca tak berapa elok last month.

Amboi amboi.. bermain mata rupanya….

Note : The boy yang tengah bermain mata with Amani is Anne’s son – Auni.

After that day, Amani went home with rashes spot on her neck and cheek.

The day after that, she got fever. (Please refer to entry Worried Mama)

OK. Jewaban kepada sesi bermonolog : Tak posa. muhuhuhu.

p/s: Always straying from the main point. I mean, me myself. muhuuu


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