Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!!

It’s never too late to wish your mom.

Lat year, I made a strawberry dip choco for my mom.

This year, we made it as a celebration. Including me & my sister. We are mommies kan.. hehe.

Just a simple celebration – just for fun bah.

Yaya helping me baking the meat puff

We made something like ‘pot-luck’. Everyone brought some dish to my sister house.

I made some meat puff (ok. 5 pieces only! as repeated by my sister on and on and on… wuahahaha!)

Got no time to prepare other dish lah, before that we had to went for kenduri. that’s why la. Mahafkan saya…. (Plus. I have a baby now. wehehehe. Another reason to escape)

Sengaja blur blur kan pic di atas supaya orang tak nampak my burnt meat puff. Kah Kah Kah.

So my sister baked lasagna, mine only meat puff, my brother bought the cake and KFC.

While preparing the dishes, my sister kept on saying ‘ngenang ku ngan Dos… otedah’

Our younger brother couldn’t be there with us this time.

Another 2 months gik Dosh, bertabah lah!

Let’s enjoy the pics!

Ajid punya caption, but we love it!

Adam & DearDear : Pemburu Lalat. ahahhaa

Uncle Reza & Amani



The Mommies & Birthday Girl (Wani)




And the best pic for the day…….

Mak, we  love you!!!


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