Jangan Mengorok

7 months Amani & 7 years old Yaya

Children pronounciation sometimes sound very funny.

My brother once pronounce Mirah (Red) as Mingkah, Wap as Wahap, Tekoyong (Snail) as Ketoyong.

My cousin had problem to pronounce the letter ‘R’.  Everything with R she’d replaced with ‘V’

For example : MeRah  as MeVah, MaVek, Gevek… 

My niece Yaya also have her favourite words.

Kicap as Picap, KFC as Kepepsi, Juera (my name) jadi Syuwaa… (terus melekat nama Syuwa sampai Adam and Danish…)

One day she told DearDear like this “Uncle Lan, cikgu kamek madah sik boleh ‘mengorok’

Mengorok =>Merokok.


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