So Long Akma

Froggy clip given by Akma

I should post this entry yesterday.

Because yesterday, Akma had flew to JB.

The day before yesterday, we managed to had a great time with her in the office.

We doodle on the whiteboard. Muahaha

Dedicated doodles to Akma

Benarlah kat orang tua-tua… too much laughing can end up with tears….

Hujan lebat time bersalam dengan Akma…


Good luck, sis!

2 thoughts on “So Long Akma

  1. hi hi….sorry …very busy this two days….making Dumplings…standing uo whole day …legs also kaput already….

    Ya…if BX tak layan u i can help u buy if i happen to go there. I go only once a month coz not that near

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