Bila Abah mengajar Amani

Yesterday was a restless Saturday.  Today I prefer a  lazy Sunday….

Kalau Mama dan Abah nya book worms, Amani must be trained as a book worm also. hehe.

This is the second book I bought for Amani after the Bouncy Garden.

One day, without my absence my mom saw DearDear tengah mengajar Amani reading this book.

It goes something like this…

Abah : Amani Amani… apa tok?


Abah : Amani Amani… apa tok?


Abah : Amani Amani… apa tok?

“Roti kebennnnn”

Mama : [speechless] ………………………

(9) Prenatal Stimulation

Part (9), introducing sounds to my womb.

When my pregnancy was still at 2 months, DearDear was excited to buy me a headphone to be placed around my belly.

So I was demanded back then, I told him I want a white headphone and it must be not too tight.

Poor DearDear, the first one he bought was too tight, so he bought another one. (Don’t blame me why I was so demanding. I told you, everything must be precisely during pregnancy, if you were following my entries)

Until my pregnancy reached 6 months, I started the prenatal stimulation.

“Prenatal stimulation is a method that uses stimuli such as sounds (mother’s voice and musical ones), movement, pressure, vibrations, and light to communicate with a developing baby prior to birth.” Quote from

I found that many people using classic music as their stimuli. It depends on you actually. How you want to train your baby.

Well, I didn’t encouraged myself to introduce my baby through music. As a muslim, I’m trying my best to introduced her with some surah-surah from Quran. I want her to know Allah in the first place. Usually I put on Surah Maryam, Ayat Kursi and Surah Al-Fatiha. I did it every night after the Isya’ prayer.  I was making it as a routine for her.

Did she repond it well? Yess, she was like making a 360 degrees turning inside my belly. I even can feel that my belly macam berombak-ombak je kat dalam tu.  Hehe. Alhamdulillah…

I bet mommies out there had this experience s well.

Apart from that, we are encouraged to recite the Quran itself. Knows the meaning is a bonus for you.

I kind of started to recite Quran quite a bit late. I remember it was when I reached into second trimester I only started to recites Quran. It is because during my first trimester, I was so so weak after 6pm. Remember I’d abandoned my fb, blog and even reading materials during that time? For 3 months, I only lay on my bed. Like a queen. wuahahahhaa…

Almost every night I recites Surah Maryam, coz I really dreamed of having a baby girl then. hehe.

Alhamdulillah it is working.  Did you know Surah Maryam is a doa  for ease at childbirth.

Recitation during pregnancy

  1. SURAH AL-FATIHA – To light a strong heart & mind
  2. SURAH MARYAM – If a woman recites this surah in pregnancy, particularly during labour, she would not feel the pangs of delivery.
  3. SURAH AT-TAUBAH – To cleanse the soul and protected from evil
  4. SURAH LUQMAN – To obtain a faithful and intelligent child.
  5. SURAH YUSUF – To obtain good a soleh, a healthy, beautiful & perfect child.
  6. SURAH YASIN – For peace of mind and children are not influenced by Satan, the call to the vice. “Teach Yasin to your children, it is the bouquet of the holy Quran”, said Imam Jafar al Sadiq.

 Until now, I still reciting Quran for Amani especially when I want to put her into sleep.

I will recites Ayatul Qursi, Surah Al-Fatihah, Surah An-Nas, Surah Al-Ikhlas & Surah Al-Falaq. Not forgetting, to train her with the Doa Sebelum Tidur.

Alhamdulillah.. she sleeps very well.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!!

It’s never too late to wish your mom.

Lat year, I made a strawberry dip choco for my mom.

This year, we made it as a celebration. Including me & my sister. We are mommies kan.. hehe.

Just a simple celebration – just for fun bah.

Yaya helping me baking the meat puff

We made something like ‘pot-luck’. Everyone brought some dish to my sister house.

I made some meat puff (ok. 5 pieces only! as repeated by my sister on and on and on… wuahahaha!)

Got no time to prepare other dish lah, before that we had to went for kenduri. that’s why la. Mahafkan saya…. (Plus. I have a baby now. wehehehe. Another reason to escape)

Sengaja blur blur kan pic di atas supaya orang tak nampak my burnt meat puff. Kah Kah Kah.

So my sister baked lasagna, mine only meat puff, my brother bought the cake and KFC.

While preparing the dishes, my sister kept on saying ‘ngenang ku ngan Dos… otedah’

Our younger brother couldn’t be there with us this time.

Another 2 months gik Dosh, bertabah lah!

Let’s enjoy the pics!

Ajid punya caption, but we love it!

Adam & DearDear : Pemburu Lalat. ahahhaa

Uncle Reza & Amani



The Mommies & Birthday Girl (Wani)




And the best pic for the day…….

Mak, we  love you!!!

Switched : Azura Chan’s review

Switched – Amanda Hocking : Book Review

Synopsis from Goodreads:

When Wendy Everly was six-years-old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. It isn’t until eleven years later that Wendy finds out her mother might’ve been telling the truth.

With the help of Finn Holmes, Wendy finds herself in a world she never knew existed – and it’s one she’s not sure if she wants to be a part of.

There are a few editions of Switched cover..

  UK edition

Another version…

US edition

I almost bought the last cover (US version) but thought that UK version would be more cool. hehe.

Ok, let’s begin with the review.

The keyword to this story is “Trylle”.  Trylle Trilogy.

At first I wonder what is the meaning of Trylle.

Forget about the vampire series. It’s all old school already.

It’s time for a new refreshing plot.  Trylle Series or Troll.

Yes, if you get it. Troll : “Flashy colorful hair, small, ugly, big eyes. In Amanda’s world, these are all misconceptions. They’re called Trylle, and they’re beautiful, magical and on the brink of extinction.”

I love both the strong character. Wendy Everly : Stubborn, Low self esteem, Charm in her own way& Finn Holmes : Cold, Serious, Protective and boleh cair laa… wahaha.

And there were some side characters which were also strong & unforgettable.

If you’ve been missing of your teen spirit era, try reading this book.

I think I haven’t read a high school based story for ages, that’s why sometimes I thought I was still sweet 17 while reading this book. Muahahahhaa.

There are sequel to this book. ‘Torn’ and ‘Ascend’

Tabik spring with the author : Amanda Hocking. She first writing/published this story only through e-book. Now she sold multi-million books.

So the hard work was paid enough.

I found a trailer made for this book.

Switched Trailer

Well, Wendy was more beautiful than my imagination from this trailer. But Finn, as I imagined much looks like Adam Levigne. Muahahhaha… (Mesti nak mejin juak..) In this trailer his face doesn’t look so… Finn. read the book and you know how does the Finn’s character was.

I’m looking forward for this book to become a movie. Maybe it can beat the Twilight Series.

Or, maybe in future we’ll watch the new era of Troll. No more Vampire anymore la.. dah basi. muhuhuh..

Sure there will be :

  1. Interview with the Troll
  2. Buffy the Troll Slayer
  3. The Troll Diaries
  4. Troll Knight
  5. Troll-light (in substitute for Twillight la konon… wahahahhaa)

Sign off here. Ciao.

p/s: Happy Mother’s day to mommies all over the world. Special entry coming up tomorrow!


Actually I am ‘bermonolog’ whether to keep on fasting or off for today..

Here I am… thinking and doing Q&A with myself.

I have been fasting for 16 days. (On and off)

Recently I feel pain on my left abdomen. And it’s getting worst after the iftar.

I couldn’t lay on my left side. Is it gastric?

DearDear and my parent told me not to continue the fasting.

But I feel like, one day is very precious to me. I have 20 days fasting debt left. muhuuu….

Rejab is approaching next week, and then followed by Syaaban… and Ramadhan is coming soon.. I have no much time left.


While waiting for the answer, let ‘s “cuci mata” with the pic below.

Rasanya belum lagi revealed the ‘pengantin’ from the entry Sneak Peek Wedding kan.


Can you see where does Amani lay her hand?

Mama knows very well, she will grab that flowers and crumpled it.

The truth : Daun-daunan tercabut…( Alahai Amani….)

Aunty Anne nak timang-timang Amani….

I purposedly put on the legging for her instead of ‘mini’ pant. hehe.

Sebab orang terlalu ramai, nanti semua nak pegang-pegang kaki dia. Bukan nak kedekut dengan anak, but for health protection though… Cuaca tak berapa elok last month.

Amboi amboi.. bermain mata rupanya….

Note : The boy yang tengah bermain mata with Amani is Anne’s son – Auni.

After that day, Amani went home with rashes spot on her neck and cheek.

The day after that, she got fever. (Please refer to entry Worried Mama)

OK. Jewaban kepada sesi bermonolog : Tak posa. muhuhuhu.

p/s: Always straying from the main point. I mean, me myself. muhuuu


Believe it or not, once I had no idea what is the meaning of BFF.

How lame… I’m getting old fashioned. muhuhu.

Ok, for those who still wondering what is BFF (youngster’s term).. here’s the definition I got from the internet.

BFF means : “Best Friends Forever” or “Big Fat Friend/Female”

Aaah… belum gik terms LMAO, HB, MGBU, TC etc… Itu anda google sendiri lah. ahaha.

Speaking of BFF (woseh), I’m sure everyone has one.

Including my dear Amani lah..

Well, this is different from an imaginary friend.

Introducing Amani’s BFFs : Mr. Froggy, Lion & Teether.

Lion is her first BFF bought from Mummycare. Came along with her rocking chair.

Not that she likes to hold it, but she loves to chew the feet and the ‘label’. muhuhu…

So my sister bought her teether.

This teether really looks like acuan gigi palsu. ahaahaa… But it is chewable. ahakz.

Who knows, in future Amani follow her Aunty Lina to become a dentist. hehe.

Thanks Aunty Noor a.k.a Anjang!

Now, her most favourite BFF : Mr Froggy.

Bukan sebab Mama dia minat ngan froggy k. Well to be honest, that’s part of the reason we bought it. hehe…

Actually, it was DearDear who bought it. He loves to buy me froggy stuff since zaman cintancintun.

Now he bought it for Amani pulak. muhuhu…

This toy is not an ordinary toy. It’s a bottle holder + teether.

Look at the creative design. The hands were the teether.

This product is from

If you’re in Kuching, you can find it in the Poppies Store, The Spring.  (My favourite shop since dah ada Amani)

Bought so many toys and teethers for Amani, in the end she likes to chew the label also…. muhuhu…

“Toys won’t just enhance your baby’s physical development. Once he’s able to join in with simple games with you, play will hone his cognitive, creative and social development skills too. “ I quote this from BabyCentre.

p/s: Next mission is to hunt for Baby Cubes (First time saw it from Dr. Halina’s blog).