June III 2012 Drug

Oh I haven’t update my third drug for this month.


The Coffin Dancer by Jeffery Deaver.
I borrowed this book from my sister. This is her favourite author.
I hope I manage to finish this drug. Since it is a crime/thriller genre, I think I have to put an extra effort to finish it.
Hopefully,  I won’t repeat the same case with Din Kunyit (Dean Koontz) book. Remember?

Sweet Temptation

Today is the 31st day of my fasting. Left only, 6 days to go.

These few days, my temptation is on sweet thing.  I’m craving for something sweet. For example yesterday, I was craving for Big Apple Doughnut. Huhu…

For replacement, I ate the leftover cake (from Adam’s birthday) for iftar yesterday. Yummy…

Speaking of cake, I noticed that this year I have eaten so many cakes.  Compared to last year, when I was crazy over cakes (pregnant), it was hard to get even a slice.

Firts cake of the year 2012


Lovely birthday cake from Anne.

And then, the second cake for my birthday.


A surprised from my brother Zeed.

The third cake was the Mother’s Day cake.


The fourth cake is the June Birthday Cake. This one I sponsored. Hehe.


The fifth cake is from my father’s birthday. Sponsored by Kak Noor & family.


The sixth cake is from Adam Birthday. The one I mentioned just now. Sorry no photos..

So many cake lah! LOL.
At the end of the year I will select the cake of the year. Just wait. Muhuhu.

Last Sunday

Last Sunday, as usual… We went for outing. It’s weekend. Remember? Spending weekend with children is precious for working parent.

So off we went to Crown Square. Terus to Mummycare.  Bought new shoes for Amani. If you go to Poppies, the shop had few benches and a mini playground. Unlike Mummycare, there was no place to sit. Imagine we both had to switch carying Amani. (The shop also have many stairs, difficult to bring baby pram).  That is one for the shop owner to reconsider.

And then we went to Causeway Bay Hong Kong Noodles Restaurant. Amani crying crying.. Gave her drink first while waiting for orders.


Seronok nya dia dapat menyusu sambil baring-baring… Siap angkat kaki lagi. If you can spot her new shoes. Bahagia le tu…

No need to wait longer, DearDear order arrived. He ordered for Hot Salamiah.. Eh… Hot Salami (sorry for the awkward spelling).


It’s a fried kue tiaw with beef meat, vegetables and the most delicious gravy. hahaha…

All I can say, the taste was marvellous! Especially the soft meat and the gravy.

As for me, I ordered Baked Rice Cheese with Chicken Chop.


Doesn’t really looks yummy right? It was yummy too. However, with Amani and her havoc… And then she was silently poo poo… I think I just swallowed the food without chewing it.  I asked DearDear, can we just change her diaper in the restaurant? Soalan Cepu Cemas…. DearDear said don’t lah…. Nanti the new couple will fight when they smell the aroma… ahaahha,

Yeah. Welcome to the parenthood! No more cozy dinner, no more slow motion eyes to eyes with your partner.  Everything feels like running on the threadmill. Wahaha.

((Question to myself…. why there are no Diaper Changing Room in shopping complex?  If they can make a Smoking Room or Breast Feeding Room, why can’t they make one for Diaper Changing Room? Think about it…. ))

I’m not complaining here. I just want to share our precious moment with Amani.

P/s: Please don’t reblog and state in your fb status how new parent couldn’t overcomes the situatuon like above. 😛 Coz I knew someone who loves to do that. Huhu..

Part of it


This is part of the challenge I’d been telling you in the previous entry.

My first attempt of making Paper Flower. What kind of flower is that? Begonia I think. Haha…

I just use two layers of napkin paper. While chatting with my friend, my hand working out the riddles of making the flower.



Feels relieved that I don’t have to spend over budget for the bouquet…. XD

The ‘Bapak’ Way of love….

We seldom celebrate Father’s Day eagerly… (is that the correct word?)

Some people, yes.

But for my family, Father’s Day sometimes were forgotten. muhuhu…

Maybe it is because the fathers in the family were not sentimental. haha.

Well, Dad… you are not forgotten though…

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad – Hj. Mohamad Nor Bin Putit

Although you are not ‘cool’ like some other dads, you don’t get along with our jokes,

You don’t have fb account, you don’t twitter,

But we know, you have a special place in our heart.

You were being supportive when we didn’t realised it.

You were proud but you are still criticized us.

You loves us but you hardly showed it.

I realised all this things when  I saw your forehead wrinkled.

I realised all this things when I saw tears drop from you eyes.

And now I understand, that is just the way a father loves his children.

Happy Father’s Day to DearDear also…

This is the new phase of our life.

Don’t give up and keep learning to be a good dad…

Err….. Don’t turn around when you hold Amani.

(Because she might look innocent, but she could turn to be a havoc sometimes. ahahhaa… Poor Danish in the picture… ;p )

Happy Father’s Day to all!

Lactose Intolerance


Last week I’ve been monitoring Amani’s ‘poo-poo’

She had a severe diarrhea for four days.

So we went to Klinik Dr. Kon, he suggested me to switch the formula milk for about one week.

He gave me Similac LF (Lactose Free).

After giving Similac LF to Amani, she was getting better. And then I switched back to the Dulac Formula Milk again, as instructed by the doctor.

The diarrhea came again.

It was decided then by me and Dear-Dear to stay and switched her formula milk with Similac LF.

When I did some research from the internet, I’m glad that I’m not the only worried mama. =)

Even my sister and my cousin also experienced the same thing to their children.

The symptoms is called Lactose Intolerance. (Parents out there, should be alert of this symptom to your babies)

Still wondering what it is? Let me make it clear for you..

“Lactose intolerance is a result of the body’s inability to digest lactose, or the sugars present in milk. However, this is not a milk allergy but an intolerance to the lactose in the milk.”

That’s it for today. Enjoy your weekend!