To kill the boredom

Sitting here in the office is very suffocating. Waiting for the time to come to the end is like counting the lines of ants… Have you ever doing that? Muhaha…

I’m sharing with you how to kill the boredom in the office. You only need a camera. Preferably installed with an application to edit the picture.

Next, capture something you never thought of becoming a great picture.

Here’s my captures.


Biscuits in a container. Makanan ruji di office. Kalau di rumah biskut kering lambat nak habis.


A collection of rubber bands. Hasil terkumpul selama 4 tahun. Saudagar getah boleh kaya…


Keychain collectors.. All of the keychains were souvenirs from my office colleagues. πŸ™‚

Lastly, share them to the world. Let me see yours.


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