Weekend Activity with Amani


It’s weekend again.

This weekend I am packed. Today I have to attend two wedding receptions.

Tomorrow have to spare time for Amani’s grandpa and grandma.

I wish there is a day after Sunday. 😦

Well, last weekend we had a chance to bring Amani ‘ronda-ronda’.  Because last weekend we had a long holiday. (Gawai Festival)

Since I was fasting, so we went for iftar at the Manhattan Fish Market.

After that, went shopping for Mom and Dad birthday presents.

In the end, I only found a beautiful Vinci Bangles for Mom.

Let the picture speaks them all…

Amani is ready to rumbles. Yeehaa


She just couldn’t sit tight, so I asked DearDear to take a picture. Click Click!


Amani seems so boring while waiting us waiting for the order… The service is getting slow nowadays…

After iftar, we went to the ‘Safari’. Ahahaha…. I wonder what was the theme for it.  Shouldn’t it be a Gawai Theme? Instead, they put the Safari & Maori Theme.. ??

A giraffe in the shopping complex????

Maori people surprised to see that I am well dressed? hehe

Or… I am entering their territory? Or.. I am back to my own figure? Wahahaha (Menyampah!)

I enjoyed moments like this. Looking forward to have this kind of activity together with Amani & DearDear more often.

p/s: How busy you are, always spare at least a little time for family! Bonding!!