Weekend Activity with Amani


It’s weekend again.

This weekend I am packed. Today I have to attend two wedding receptions.

Tomorrow have to spare time for Amani’s grandpa and grandma.

I wish there is a day after Sunday. 😦

Well, last weekend we had a chance to bring Amani ‘ronda-ronda’.  Because last weekend we had a long holiday. (Gawai Festival)

Since I was fasting, so we went for iftar at the Manhattan Fish Market.

After that, went shopping for Mom and Dad birthday presents.

In the end, I only found a beautiful Vinci Bangles for Mom.

Let the picture speaks them all…

Amani is ready to rumbles. Yeehaa


She just couldn’t sit tight, so I asked DearDear to take a picture. Click Click!


Amani seems so boring while waiting us waiting for the order… The service is getting slow nowadays…

After iftar, we went to the ‘Safari’. Ahahaha…. I wonder what was the theme for it.  Shouldn’t it be a Gawai Theme? Instead, they put the Safari & Maori Theme.. ??

A giraffe in the shopping complex????

Maori people surprised to see that I am well dressed? hehe

Or… I am entering their territory? Or.. I am back to my own figure? Wahahaha (Menyampah!)

I enjoyed moments like this. Looking forward to have this kind of activity together with Amani & DearDear more often.

p/s: How busy you are, always spare at least a little time for family! Bonding!!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Activity with Amani

  1. The day after Sunday is Monday lah. Back to work time…kekeke buat you tension cikit. Adei panas mau gila kat Simi. Malas nak keluar

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