The ‘Bapak’ Way of love….

We seldom celebrate Father’s Day eagerly… (is that the correct word?)

Some people, yes.

But for my family, Father’s Day sometimes were forgotten. muhuhu…

Maybe it is because the fathers in the family were not sentimental. haha.

Well, Dad… you are not forgotten though…

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad – Hj. Mohamad Nor Bin Putit

Although you are not ‘cool’ like some other dads, you don’t get along with our jokes,

You don’t have fb account, you don’t twitter,

But we know, you have a special place in our heart.

You were being supportive when we didn’t realised it.

You were proud but you are still criticized us.

You loves us but you hardly showed it.

I realised all this things when  I saw your forehead wrinkled.

I realised all this things when I saw tears drop from you eyes.

And now I understand, that is just the way a father loves his children.

Happy Father’s Day to DearDear also…

This is the new phase of our life.

Don’t give up and keep learning to be a good dad…

Err….. Don’t turn around when you hold Amani.

(Because she might look innocent, but she could turn to be a havoc sometimes. ahahhaa… Poor Danish in the picture… ;p )

Happy Father’s Day to all!

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