Sweet Temptation

Today is the 31st day of my fasting. Left only, 6 days to go.

These few days, my temptation is on sweet thing.  I’m craving for something sweet. For example yesterday, I was craving for Big Apple Doughnut. Huhu…

For replacement, I ate the leftover cake (from Adam’s birthday) for iftar yesterday. Yummy…

Speaking of cake, I noticed that this year I have eaten so many cakes.  Compared to last year, when I was crazy over cakes (pregnant), it was hard to get even a slice.

Firts cake of the year 2012


Lovely birthday cake from Anne.

And then, the second cake for my birthday.


A surprised from my brother Zeed.

The third cake was the Mother’s Day cake.


The fourth cake is the June Birthday Cake. This one I sponsored. Hehe.


The fifth cake is from my father’s birthday. Sponsored by Kak Noor & family.


The sixth cake is from Adam Birthday. The one I mentioned just now. Sorry no photos..

So many cake lah! LOL.
At the end of the year I will select the cake of the year. Just wait. Muhuhu.


5 thoughts on “Sweet Temptation

  1. the last cake i ate, red velvet i made for kak liza… ehehe this year my appetite for sweet things drop but craving for the food that i don’t like all this while… this month i’m craving for kurma and milk, till just now, i ate kurma n milk for iftar… waahhhh fulfil my tummy… 😀

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