Kreativ Blogger Award

This is the first time I’ve been given an award.

A heartfelt thanks to Hannah Ackroyd for the nomination.

As usual.. there must be task to be completed.

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated me.
  2. Answer the 7 questions.
  3. Share 7 random facts/thoughts about myself.
  4. Nominate 7 worthy blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

7 questions…

  1. What’s your favorite song?  ~ I love listening and singing songs. They’re my best friend. Currently my favourite is David Guetta featuring Sia – Titanium.
  2. What’s your favorite dessert? ~ Ice-Cream of course. Yummeh~
  3. What do you do when your upset? ~ I just kept silent for the whole day, here… I would blogging. that’s why my caption line is ‘blogging is my therapy’
  4. Favorite pet? ~ Shemisz my cat. She is now a mother, a grandmother to my other cats. hehehe
  5. Do you prefer black or white? ~ This is hard. I like both. But I think I’ mostly fell in love with white stuff. 🙂
  6. Biggest fear? ~ Failure! Yeah, it is. My biggest fear is when we had tried our very best to achieve something and in the end we failed… 
  7. What is your attitude mostly like? ~I’m a quiet person if you really don’t know me, but indeed I’m the ‘entertainer’.  Should have tried a stand comedy. LOL.

7 random things about me~

1. I am different in first impression and in person.
2. I prefer lipgloss than lipstick.
3. I never been to Coffee Beans or Starbucks coz I’m not a coffee drinker.
4. I like flipping through cookbooks and imagining it without any attempt to try the recipes. lol.
5.  I like twirling my hair. My habit since a baby, my mother told me.
6.  I dislike fruity flavour candies/sweets. I prefer mint flavour.
7. Book is my drug. I will went crazy when seeing a stack of books. ahaha

1. Achika
These people does inspires me in many kind of creative lifestyle. 😉

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