Book Junkie Jr.

Should have updated about this post a while ago.

But I was stick with the 30 day book challenge that time.

So here I want to share what I’ve got from the” A Second Time Around Book From USA, Book Fair”.

Sikit kan? I went only twice and managed to grab 5 books. Pity me! 😦

I had to limit my expense that day due to raya preparation.

You know, lepas raya = broke. muhuhu…

Hehe… Amani also got her ‘drug collections’.

I want to train her to become a book junkie junior. hehe.

Hopefully next year, I can bring her along to the book fair.

Let herself choose her favourite book.

(While me going crazeeeee at the fiction section. mwahahahaha)


7 thoughts on “Book Junkie Jr.

  1. Kidding me? Who could forget that movie? I was so captivated by the background scenery of the movie that when my form 5 english teacher ask us if we have an opportunity to go oversea, where would it be and why? My answer was, I would like to go to Canada, because I read somewhere that the movie Anne of Green Gables was taken there. The place is so beautiful. At least that is how I see it back then. I haven’t see the movie again..since teenager. I am not sure if I still consider it beautiful If I see it now. That was the eyes of teenager who hasn’t seen much of this world yet. But, recall it through my memory, it is a beautiful place.

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