Perasaan ketam Amani

Yesterday I noticed two front teeth on Amani’s upper gum.

No wonder she had fever and diarrhea. She even lost her appetite. Two days, she had rejected her meal. Been trying to feed her rice porridge and mashed potato. She just locked her mouth. It made me worried.

So I made some homework. Figured out that finger food is the solution.


For breakfast, I tried giving her muffin. While playing around with the muffin, she is slowly eating it. Looks like she enjoyed it.


And then I tried a new recipe for her lunch. This is called “Pasta Porridge”. Ahaha…

I’m using Organic Children Pasta (Can buy from Cosway), the gravy is made of mushroom soup and I add in some dori fillet.

First, I introduced the fillet for her. While she hold and munch the fillet, I chip in feeding her the porridge in between.

Nom nom nom. Surprisingly, Amani finish her meal! Mama is relieved now, but everytime had to figure out new recipe for Amani lah…

Amani’s next temptation is….