Cousin’s Wedding

Yesterday, attended my cousin’s wedding reception.

How time flies. Dah kahwin dah Dewi.  Still remember when we were still young, main kejar-kejar at our grandmother’s house.

Hehe… Bila tengok cousins yang dulu kecik-kecik dah kahwin, I feel old. muhuhu

Let me shower you with some of the pictures taken yesterday. (DearDear didn’t bring along Baby Nikon, so we use only hp camera)

This picture below  was taken from my aunty’s hp. Credit to her. Tak sempat nak ambik gmbr pengantin…

Dewi & Adha


Look at her, a stunning bride! =D



Bersanding baru…. hahaha


Amani just woke up from nap. hehe

Potong cake

Next wedding? 2 months to go… another cousin’s wedding. hehe


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