Kitchenette wishlist

By the end of this month (payday.. wuhuuu), I am going to buy this…

[picture : property of Google]

So that, I could bake this…

~Chicken pie~

Hohoho… yummy~ Since I’m now lack of method, I just browse around the recipe book and dreaming of this tart. wahaha….

There’s one person who always supported me when it comes to baking. (Since I’m no pro in baking).

Of course it’s DearDear lah. While browsing the recipes together, he came to this page…

And he said : “I like fruit tart… Would love to try this one…”

Knock knock.. it this some kind of a birthday hint?

So, the kitchen’s wish list must go on!

Besides that, I also want to buy this… (been dreaming of so looooooong)

[picture : property of Google]

A grill pan.

It’s very hard to be found in local supermarket, and it’s very expensive.

Luckily I saw it at Green Cold Sotrage here. It’s on promotion, and it cost below RM100 with another purchase of other items from the supermarket.

Another box is checked!

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