Sixth Drug

October VI 2012 Drug.

Th Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. (Book I)

Found that there were so many interesting facts behind the making of this book.

Indeed the background setting of this book was hardly to digest, but I am challenging myself to finish it.

Hopefully I can complete the Millenium series.

My week in pictures #2


Wrap up!
My week in pictures #2.
Clockwise :
1) Rubber Ducks. Saw Amani played with the rubber ducks around my kitchen cabinet. Click click click!

2) Flower + Greenday. While waiting for DearDear to finish his ciggarete, I saw the beautiful flower in a pot. Covered with the beautiful leaves and grass. Click click click!

3) Mr. Wall Fan. A lazy afternoon. While put Amani into sleep, captured a nice angle of our wall fan. Click click click!

4) Blue Rabbit. When Amani had a feeding time, she likes to hold something. Including her little blue rabbit hairclip. Click click click!

5) Rempit companion. Too crazy over fancy sticker. I can’t resist myself to stick it on my helmet. Since it has beginning of the raining season, this helmet had been displayed on the shelf until its next service. Click click click!