(11) PUPPP

Have you ever heard of PUPPP? Never?

I was never known it was existed before, not until I was diagnosed to have them during my 8 months pregnancy.

PUPPP (from Wikipedia) : Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy  is a chronic hives-like rash that strikes some women during pregnancy.

Highlight the word ‘chronic’ there. It is chronic I tell you.

It was not a normal rash which we normally can tolerate, but it was a really super-super terrible itch and rash. (from what I’d experienced)

Started from below of my abdomen and it spreads everywhere. The whole body of mine was itchy, I look liked having a skin disease.

Just imagined the itchiness I couldn’t bear, all I wanted to do was scratched myself until bleeding. It’s true.

I would scratch my body with nails, with comb (sampai patah) with everything I can!

My friend insist me to take a picture of this, supaya nanti bila Amani dah besar dia boleh tengok kesakitan mama dia tanggung masa pregnant kan dia. So this is the one and only picture I took. This was taken on my 8 months pregnancy.

At that moment, I cried almost every night. Poor DearDear had to consoled me every night because I told him I couldn’t bear it any longer. Back then I hope that was the first and the last to pregnant. So he applied lotion and sometimes he helped me to scratch. ahaha. Anything would made him useful at that moment. 🙂

I went to the pregnancy clinic, the doctor only prescribed me with a common rash. She gave me a lotion which I finished applied them one time. Luckily, my friend suggested me to meet Dr. Kon (skin specialist). Di situlah bermulanya, my first appointment with Dr. Kon. He looks sorry to see me then, and he said this is common complication for some pregnant mom. As long as it wouldn’t affect the baby, it was ok.

With his medicines, it helps a lot. The pain was less and he gave me tips how to handle the itchiness. “Kalau rasa gatal-gatal, jangan garu. Pukul tempat gatal or put some ice so that it will get numb” ahaha…

The appointment was continued until I had delivered Amani. You can tell, how welcome we were in that clinic. Every staff had known Amani, watching her grown up since in my belly. hehe… Now I’m a regular patient for that clinic. Thanks to them, for their warm and friendly service towards us.


4 thoughts on “(11) PUPPP

    • After deliver the rash disappeared macam bertukar kulit. Left only few scares on my face. But after a continuous treatment, my skin become flawless. ehehe

    • Nope. This happened during my previous pregnancies. Just want to share my experience. Yeah, it’s all gone now. And I have a flawless skin. ;-p

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