My week in pictures #3

Among all christmas song, I like the White Christmas song. I’m not celebrating it but just enjoying the mood of the celebration.


Guess where did I take the picture above? Someone asked me whether it is in Malaysia or overseas. Haha…

It’s just inside the Spring Shopping Complex. No money to go overseas loh… By the way, I love their creativity. It looks so real. In fact it’s just a softboard. And the snowy.. it is made of feathers.. Very.. fairy tale!

Mini Shoeholic

I’m not a shoeholic.  But my sister is. muhuhu. I only buy new shoes when necessary or for a festive season..


Lately I’m into baby shoes. Look at the cute Zara Baby sandals. Isn’t it adorable? It’s irresistible!


In the end, I bought it for Amani. 😛 She loves wearing it. And it is easier for practising her walking skills. Now who is a real shoeholic? Mama or Amani?  B-)



After hunting at the book fair we went straight to the Wisma Seberkas. The place used to be crowded with people before the new shopping complex existed in Kuching. Nowadays I could picture the building was just so old and abandoned. Like a lonely statue.

However, it is still my favourite place to go shopping as I am not into hip and crowded place. There are two favourite food which I can get here. One is the All Joy Fried Chicken. The taste is far far delicious than KFC. And it cost RM3.50 per piece.

Another one is the Stone Ice Rojak at Level 4. You can pick pick pick any type of fruit, squid, nuts.. and let them weight it before you can enjoy the rojak. Don’t be surprised if I tell you the cost of our rojak from the picture is RM11.90! Expensive? But it is very delicious.. can’t hesitate. muhuhu.

Drug Fair

Yesterday DearDear took me to the Popular bookfair. (as promised ^^)

From clockwise.

  1. A bit frustrating lah because it was not as I expected.  Maybe I came at the end of the promotion week (today is the last day in Kuching).  I’m so envy with the Chinese Book Section, as they conquered half of the space.  I wish I could read in Chinese, joining them crazy over the promotions.
  2. DearDear insisted to buy The LED Book Light because he always saw me sneaking and reading with the dim light while Amani’s sleeping. hehe… This gadget is never in my list by the way. muhuhu.
  3. I can only grab two books. The Nanny Diaries and The Gift. I’m a bit frustrated with the selling strategy.  On the 50% section, the term is you must buy one book at original price in order to get the half price for the second book. On the 70% section, you must at least buy 5 books in order to get the 70% price. Huh… I haven’t pay day yet. So I just grab the two books. Very sad… sad sadddd…… 😦
  4. Bookmark maker.. Love it.. hehe.
  5. Not forgetting buying book for Amani as well. Silly Shark! as it called. It’s a bath book. 😉

I wish there is a big book fair in Kuching just like in Peninsular Malaysia. muhuuu

Bitter Gourd


This ugly plant is called bitter gourd. In Malay they called it Peria Katak. My mom planted it at the back garden of our house.

Before this I hate eating bitter gourd. During my confinement, it was my only menu almost everyday. Muhuhu. After all, it doesn’t taste so bad.

My favourite dish of bitter gourd is fried one with curry powder. Crunchy! But too much eating this can trigger my migraine. I wonder why?