First Birthday (Part I)

On 12th October, Amani had turned to one year old.

How time flies.  I haven’t continued the last part of my pregnancy story.

We celebrate her birthday twice. The first one was with her Embah & Mak Nek at Atok house.

They were my Father & Mother in-law, and DearDear’s grandmother.

Sharing the same month of birthday were my mother in-law and DearDear.


Amani and Mak Nek…

Amani taking picture with Mak Nek…


Embah, Amani & Mak Nek

Amani… never stay still. hm..

Baby McD


Never in my mind that I thought my addiction to McDonald during pregnancy would be inherited by Amani. XD

Whenever she saw the advertisement she would said “Mamam. Mamam.”

And then I said to her “McDonald”
She tried to copy the word instead she said something like “Mokloglog”