How do you like by getting souvenirs?

I wish to collect a froggie collectibles from every place I’d visited.

Last month I received two souvenirs from my colleague and my boss.

The first from the picture above was a keychain from Vietnam.

Added to my collections.

And the second picture were a keychain and baby tshirt from Ain.

She bought it  from Sabah. I miss going to Sabah again. muhuhu.

By the way, thanks for the thoughtful souvenirs.

Hopefully I can bring souvenirs from Sibu.

Two more days to go. Yippiee~


6 thoughts on “Souvenirs

  1. I used to collect souvenirs when I was young like you. I collect match boxes:D Now at my age, I stop collecting. I am starting to give away instead. I am sure you are looking forward to be back at your hometown. I used to look forward to my weekends when I was working in KL and my mum is in Ipoh during my younger days. Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay with your love ones.

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