Balik Kampung Holiday

Hey hey… I’m back!

Just coming back from ‘balik kampung’ holiday.

6 hours on the road journey was a challenging especially when you bring along a todler like Amani.

She only behave when she was asleep (only for 1 hour) and she started to touch things here and there.

Toys and food are the weapon to keep her behaved. muhuhu.

I’m just like a donkey in Shrek movie and keep asking myself Β “Are we there yet?”

Clockwise: Me, Amani & Nina – Doorgift – The Beautiful Pelamin – The Pengantin

On Sunday we attended my beloved cousin’s wedding. As I mentioned before, they were used to be my brides maid and best man during my wedding before.

Now they are happily married. I am happy for them. Only a bit regret because we couldn’t attend the Solemnization on Saturday.


Amani with Cheongsam – Practise walking skill on the stage – Pengantin masuk dewan

In Sibu also Amani can walk properly. We checked in at RH Hotel, quite satisfied with the room. Very wide, easy for Amani to wander around the room. hehe.

So at One year one month, Amani officially can walk on her own. Mama so proud! πŸ˜€


Clockwise : At Hotel Lobby, ready for night outing – Delicious Sup Telur – With Pengantin…

With a limited time and lack of rest, we only manage to try food at Kampung Hilir that night.

I don’t remember the name but the food were quite delicious especially the Sup Telur. Very big portion cost only RM4!

I even couldn’t got time to survey the Kuih Pak stall. At our kampung, they didn’t sell at that time. Dunno why. 😦

But I managed to eat Dabai as much as I want. Puasss… hehehe.


Top : Rambutan at my uncle house. Bottom: King tide

Going back during fruit season is a great experienced especially for those who loves to eat Durian.

Along the way to Sibu, people sell Durian, Rambutan.. all the local fruits like a fiesta. hehe.

My uncle house had this Rambutan tree, so everytime if you feel like to eat Rambutan, just snatch it from the tree. Very fresh! :-p

Actually we used to go back to Kuching on Monday.

Halfway to Betong, got information that some area at Betong was flooded and couldn’t be crossed over.

So we waited at the Betong Resthouse for about 1 hour plus and then at last we decided to head back to Sibu.

We stayed another 2 nights in Sibu at my uncle house.

From the picture above, it was a normal thing in Sibu looking at the full drainage during raining season.

We went back to Kuching on Wednesday.

So long Sibu. Will be back soon (perhaps next year… hehe)


6 thoughts on “Balik Kampung Holiday

  1. Balik kampong..oo..oo..oo..balik kampong..oo..oo..oo..balik kampong..hati girangggg…nyaman nya mknn..cute nya amani…kiss lok..mmuahhhh..

  2. RH? Lots of nice food around… The nasi bryani at New Nur Islamic across the road…very nice…and Islamic Nyonya down the road also very nice…. I guess not easy when you have a toddler along with you – last time, we just stayed in the hotel when travelling as my girl loved staying in hotels – refused to go out! Tsk! Tsk!

    Beautiful wedding. Stage looks real grand. Dewan Suarah? Oooo…cantik anak, baju Cina! So cute!!!

    • RH Hotel besides Wisma Sanyan. Yeah, I saw the Islamic Nyonya that day. Will try some other time. Have you been there? Ahaha.. it was a great experienced by the way..

      Nope. Dewan MUC. Heard that the bridal was from Dalat.
      Hehehe… sengaja give her cheongsam that day. Her great grandmother is a chinese by the way. πŸ™‚

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