Bitter Gourd


This ugly plant is called bitter gourd. In Malay they called it Peria Katak. My mom planted it at the back garden of our house.

Before this I hate eating bitter gourd. During my confinement, it was my only menu almost everyday. Muhuhu. After all, it doesn’t taste so bad.

My favourite dish of bitter gourd is fried one with curry powder. Crunchy! But too much eating this can trigger my migraine. I wonder why?


6 thoughts on “Bitter Gourd

  1. i think we all grow up to start to accept this thing call bitter gourd, haha.. can’t see which kids who like it right?? anyway, i think this species is even more bitter than the bigger ones with smoother surface??

  2. oh my! i eat a very small piece of this with a spoonful of rice. haha! soo bitter. in the PH, we call it ampalaya. and the only way my mom prepares it is sautéed with tomatoes and scrambled egg. hahaha

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