Drug Fair

Yesterday DearDear took me to the Popular bookfair. (as promised ^^)

From clockwise.

  1. A bit frustrating lah because it was not as I expected.  Maybe I came at the end of the promotion week (today is the last day in Kuching).  I’m so envy with the Chinese Book Section, as they conquered half of the space.  I wish I could read in Chinese, joining them crazy over the promotions.
  2. DearDear insisted to buy The LED Book Light because he always saw me sneaking and reading with the dim light while Amani’s sleeping. hehe… This gadget is never in my list by the way. muhuhu.
  3. I can only grab two books. The Nanny Diaries and The Gift. I’m a bit frustrated with the selling strategy.  On the 50% section, the term is you must buy one book at original price in order to get the half price for the second book. On the 70% section, you must at least buy 5 books in order to get the 70% price. Huh… I haven’t pay day yet. So I just grab the two books. Very sad… sad sadddd…… 😦
  4. Bookmark maker.. Love it.. hehe.
  5. Not forgetting buying book for Amani as well. Silly Shark! as it called. It’s a bath book. 😉

I wish there is a big book fair in Kuching just like in Peninsular Malaysia. muhuuu


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