After hunting at the book fair we went straight to the Wisma Seberkas. The place used to be crowded with people before the new shopping complex existed in Kuching. Nowadays I could picture the building was just so old and abandoned. Like a lonely statue.

However, it is still my favourite place to go shopping as I am not into hip and crowded place. There are two favourite food which I can get here. One is the All Joy Fried Chicken. The taste is far far delicious than KFC. And it cost RM3.50 per piece.

Another one is the Stone Ice Rojak at Level 4. You can pick pick pick any type of fruit, squid, nuts.. and let them weight it before you can enjoy the rojak. Don’t be surprised if I tell you the cost of our rojak from the picture is RM11.90! Expensive? But it is very delicious.. can’t hesitate. muhuhu.


    • Oh really? Never taste the Bintangor rojak. All Joy is still alive but has lost it’s kicking. hahaha. The price it getting expensive and they have opened a new outlet at The Boulevard Shopping Mall.

  1. wow a piece of chicken for RM3.50?? that’s pretty expensive i would say.. ah, rojak by weight?? interesting, haha.. but i think it’s quite dangerous as you tend to take more than you can consume, despite having to pay more than you have expected~~ :p

    • Yeap. I’ll post about the chicken sometimes around.
      Hehe.. that’s true. And now I know the trick. Just pick the light ingredients so that it won’t get ‘overweight’. hahaha

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