Mini Shoeholic

I’m not a shoeholic.  But my sister is. muhuhu. I only buy new shoes when necessary or for a festive season..


Lately I’m into baby shoes. Look at the cute Zara Baby sandals. Isn’t it adorable? It’s irresistible!


In the end, I bought it for Amani. 😛 She loves wearing it. And it is easier for practising her walking skills. Now who is a real shoeholic? Mama or Amani?  B-)

6 thoughts on “Mini Shoeholic

  1. Those baby shoes are so irresistible! Simply had to buy for my girl when small…and the outfits too, all so very nice. Maybe she had too much so when she grew up, she did not have any interest in such things, more into books and stuff…much to the distress of the mum who would love to have her dress up nicely and get all dolled up nicely. LOL!!!

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