First Birthday (Part II)

The first part of Amani’s first birthday has been uploaded.

This time, I’m going to upload her first birthday for the Part II. (Had to celebrate it twice, because… don’t want to hurt her grandma and granddads’ feelings. :-()


We bought her a Cat Cake (or was it a Hello Kitty?) since she likes cat very much. Looks tempting ho?


Wearing the beautiful dress given by Nek Bang (my father). Getting hyper… not yet..


She likes to do this when people are praying.


Ok it’s time for blowing the candle….


Done.. but with a mess…. Did you spot it?



Tada!!! I guessed she thought it was a real cat, so she tried to kick the cake instead.


With her favourite cousin Kak Yaya.


8 thoughts on “First Birthday (Part II)

  1. Cute cake! And that’s a pretty dress. My daughter loved dresses like that when small – imagined herself to be Bell (Beauty and the Beast). Too bad she grew out of it and not bothered to dress up nicely anymore…just like the father.

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