Yaya 7th Birthday

How time flies.

Yaya is already seven years old on 30th November, 2012.

She’s my adorable niece. My ‘kesayangan’.

She’s the one who first calling me ‘Shuwa’. Β And the tradition calling that name continues. I bet, I’ll be forever young because I won’t carry the title “Aunty” until I’m old. hehehe…


This picture was taken during my engagement, 2009. Aleeya or Yaya was 4 at that moment.


Yesterday we celebrated her seventh birthday.

Still the same Yaya… Insisted to have a Hello Kitty cake (her mom told me.. :-))

The only different is she likes purple now instead of so many years obsessing with pink. :-p

Happy Birthday Yaya!

xoxo from Shuwa.


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