Yaya 7th Birthday

How time flies.

Yaya is already seven years old on 30th November, 2012.

She’s my adorable niece. My ‘kesayangan’.

She’s the one who first calling me ‘Shuwa’.  And the tradition calling that name continues. I bet, I’ll be forever young because I won’t carry the title “Aunty” until I’m old. hehehe…


This picture was taken during my engagement, 2009. Aleeya or Yaya was 4 at that moment.


Yesterday we celebrated her seventh birthday.

Still the same Yaya… Insisted to have a Hello Kitty cake (her mom told me.. :-))

The only different is she likes purple now instead of so many years obsessing with pink. :-p

Happy Birthday Yaya!

xoxo from Shuwa.


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