Camera shy

Which one are you?
A camera shy or camera freak?
Or a photographer shy? 😉

Well I’m definitely a camera freak. Another harsh term my friend always using is “camwhore”. Ahaha.

On weekend night, me, Amani and DearDear went to the Spring. I decided to take pictures with the xmas decorations. We did it! But not very satisfied with the result. Ok take a look at the pictures..


Seems perfect right. So why am I asking the ‘question’ above in the first place? That’s because after having an experience that night, I discovered DearDear is not just a camera shy. He is even a photographer shy. Oh my..

Let’s take a look at the original pictures one by one.


I asked him. Are you focusing on the floor or me and Amani? He answered me “Orang rami gilak..” (Too many people). Hello, who is in the picture and who is taking the picture here?



I hate this picture, despite that the horses were look greater than me. :-\ . Why can’t he just wait until we are ready facing the camera? I bet he is too shy and couldn’t stand the crowd watching us. Yaduyy…



The only perfect and beautiful picture he was taking was this view. 😛

Now you tell me. Are you a photorapher shy?

Getting post #2

One of my favourite thing to do is getting a free gift or sample. Typical Malaysian… 😛

I saw an advert from Huggies page in the facebook that day. It mentioned that if you want to try their product, just email to them the postal address and fill some online form. So I did as instructed.

And then they sent me this :


A huggies book and two huggies dypers. Although Amani did not wear Huggies but I will paksa her to wear this. Ahakz.

Getting post

I love getting post.
After work yesterday, I found a poslaju on my bed. It was from my best friend, Ina. 😉


What could it be inside the parcel?


Wow! A Sophie Paris tote bag!
Now, let’s peek inside the bag.


Hooray. A set of Sophie Paris business kit and catalogues. Thanks Ina! Ya ku sayang ko.

So if you want to order products from Sophie Paris, don’t hesitate to contact me aye. 😉

14 months

It’s a nice date today.
Amani is 14 months today.


Getting more active now. 😉
How do you like to make up your bedroom?
I would prefer a vintage style.
Something like this lah..


Nice kan… But only in my dreams lah.
Indeed my room now has turn into a nursery style.


It’s for the sake of Amani’s safety. Mama had to sacrifies her vintage style bedroom dreams for a temporary period only. 😛