No mood


I’m not so in the mood today.

Everything seems going to be wrong.

This day, I should say my bad hair day.

How I wish, I could run out from this messy to the other countries…

Just like in the novel or in the movie…. simple as that. muhuhu.



Funny Amani

I discover that Amani likes to tease people. She loves making funny faces and then laughed on our shock face. Muhuhu..
I don’t know where does she got the cheeky attitude. DearDear said she’s mostly like me. 😛


She’s the angel of disguised. Just like her mama. Ahaha..

January II 2013 Drug

Can you manage reading two books at a time?

Well, I can. Provided the other one is an e-book.

I could flipped over the real books when I have free time.

And swiped over the e-book when I have limited time. (i.e when I’m putting Amani into sleep, when I curi2 tulang at my work. hahaha)

So here goes my second drug for this month.


Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

I don’t understand myself why I chose this book to read.

After reading the Norwegian Wood by the same author, I found that his book was very ‘unique’ in a way of writing.

As for this book, so far I found that there’s a cat who can talks!?

Anyway, it’s a worth reading reading…

Happy weekend!

Drawing Lesson


1. Hello! Abah bought me a drawing book. Actually it was free gift from Chicki Meal KFC.

2. Look. I think I’m going to draw ‘Yayau’ (a cat). Here goes the eyes, the tail.. La la la…


3. Just found out that drawing is really exciting. Here, let’s try drawing with my feet on. Ahaha

4. I never knew that drawing could make me sleepy. Don’t wanna draw anymore, mama. I want to go to sleep. Huwaaa…

Drugs from BBWS

Yesterday found a parcel from Peninsular Malaysia.

As I thought, it was from my friend Fara.

I requested some books from Big Bad Wolf Sales (BBWS) that day.

She managed to buy only two. Quite disappointed with the books they’re selling though.

Here it goes. My new drugs.


CSI Miami and Confessions of a Shopaholic (for my collection).

Wowwee junior juice! [Lompat bintang] Thanks Fara!!

I always want to make collections of CSI series and Sophie Kinsella’s books.

Remember my resolutions?

Got 11 months more to complete the challenge. Yosh!


Happy Tuesday!


Amani couldn’t resist to wear handbag. Anything that looks like a bag she would carry it like a handbag. I’m not a handbag lover indeed. I guess she inherits more from my sister. Shoeholic and handbagholic. Muahaha…