No mood


I’m not so in the mood today.

Everything seems going to be wrong.

This day, I should say my bad hair day.

How I wish, I could run out from this messy to the other countries…

Just like in the novel or in the movie…. simple as that. muhuhu.




4 thoughts on “No mood

  1. Count your blessings. Other countries may look nice…like New Zealand. Beautiful place, good for a visit but things are sooooo expensive plus income tax 25-35% and on top of that GST 15%…. Earn a lot also in the end, nothing left. I am so very happy here in Sibu, thank God!

    I think those who have migrated abroad just want to save face – say all is nice there…and all in Malaysia is crap. From what I see I do not think so.

    Of course, there are things there that are nicer – the public transport and so on, the services but I took the taxi 4 times in Wellington, not very far except for the two trips to and from the airport – I spent, after conversion, hundreds of ringgit, hotel 6 nights – over RM3,000. With that money, I can stay in a luxury suite here…five star. All in all, I am quite happy here…

    Those places – at best, they’re good for short holidays only.

    • Yeeah. Have to agree with you. Like Malay wisdom : “Hujan Emas di Negeri Orang, hujan batu negeri sendiri. Lebih baik negeri sendiri..” I’m feeling better today. Yesterday my heart was a bit ‘strayed’ ahaha… Thanks! 😀

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