Who can resist food?
I can’t. Food is my temptation.


Temptation #6: Brown
This picture was taken during our office annual dinner. It’s normal nowadays, taking picture of food before eating. It’s not a good habit actually. But it has become a trend now. So nobody would care coz everyone is taking picture of their food. haha.

Yaya vs Amani

Many people told me that Amani looks like her cousin Yaya.
One day I made Amani wore Yaya’s favourite hat. And then I took a picture of her.


After looking at this picture, it reminds me that I used to take a picture of Yaya wearing this hat too. So I dig dig dig my old folder, and found it from my fotopages account.


Tadaaa… I remember back at this time Yaya was so excited go out.

Now, you tell me. Do they look alike? Hehe… 😉

Dream Gadgets

Are you a gadget freak?
Let’s see what I’ve got here.


Wehehe… Those are my dream gadgets. This is my pantun to whom it may concern. 😛

1. Hand Mixer – You must be wondering this is consider my priority. All this while I’m baking just using ‘my own hands’ for whisking. But now I have surrendered. haha…

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera – This dream gadget had been bring forward for so many years I guess. Hopefully this year it will come true. 😉

3. Ebook Reader – Reading ebook through my handphone sometimes feels suffocating. I need a wide view and more space to store my ebooks. Baru stail…

4. Muffin & Cupcake Maker – This is my latest craziness. I’m saving my money to buy this one. hehe.

5. Mini Sewing Machine – I want to try learning how to sew. First of all, I must own a sewing machine. A mini one should be enough.

Let’s see in 2013, which gadgets will come true. The magic wand starts working today. Blink blink!

January 2013 Drug


My first drug for the year 2013. Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella. Have I read this book?

Yess. And I really like it. Before this, I only read it from ebook. Since I like the plot very much, I started to hunt for the real book. I bought this one from a website selling pre-loved books.

My mission for this year is to make a collection of Sophie Kinsella’s books. I will never get bored reading her books.