Wedding Anniversary

On 12th February, it was our Wedding Anniversary.

anniversary ring


Happy Anniversary DearDear.

We didn’t celebrate it because, on that day it happened to be the day my father was admitted to the hospital.

That should answer why I posted this entry late.

At the moment, our family is a bit down. Catching up with the latest news about my father, going back and home to the hospital especially my mom and my two brothers. I’m sure, there will be a better answer for this ‘musibah’. Just be strong dad! You have a full support from us.

Well, last week while I was doing the spring cleaning in my room I found this…

wedding card

Wedding cards from friends and families.

I haven’t sort it out. I decided to put them into my album. Next project (marked on!).

While flipping through each card, and then I found this….



Can you spot  that? Happy Naked Day! Cheeky you Erry. :-p

I remember laughing out loud when I open this card before. And it still makes me laugh.

Thanks everyone for the gifts, cards, wishes….


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