Gifts xoxo

Birthday is over…

It’s time for unwrap the gifts.

First of all, I would like to thank you to my friends and family for the thoughtful wishes and gifts.

A tradition never ends.  Got gifts from my office colleagues.

bday gift 2013

There you go, gifts from Ain, Freda (permulaan as she mentioned to me. The real gift is coming up on March), Tikah, Emie (sigek gift ya kmk sik ambik gambar sebab… ganas gilak. ahaha), Khim and Abby. They are all my chummies. Thanks for the lovely gifts!! 😀

On that day as well, I received two parcels from West Malaysia.

I was so so excited to open them.

from akma

Surprise surprise!

A drug, a gift from Akma. It means a lot to me my dear. xoxo

And the pink bag is the Baby Food Storage from Drypers.

Last year I joined the DHFC Redemption Program, redeem all the barcodes from Amani’s Drypantz diapers and got the present.

Cool isn’t it. As for this year, I’m aiming another redemption gift. 😉

Enuff babbling, enjoy your weekend guys.

p/s: To be continued….


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