Gift xoxo (Part II)

You must be wondering what DearDear got me for birthday present, right? right? right?

Teng tedengggg….


Finally…. this camera is mineeeee. 😀

Remember the last time I posted about my 2013 Gadget Wishlist?

So thanks to DearDear for granting one of the wish. muehehe.

I just couldn’t stop smiling when he bought this camera on my birthday.

After that, I asked the owner of the shop to take a picture of me and Amani.


Looks great isn’t it?

I tried to snap picture of DearDear and Amani. It doesn’t look great enough.

Need more practice after this.

Till then… 😀


9 thoughts on “Gift xoxo (Part II)

    • Mope. It’s an instant picture. That’s the main point of buying this. I prefer ‘real’ picture than softcopy picture. Because I like keeping pictures in my album. very old school. hehe.

    • Ya betul. Berpantun biar berpada-pada. hehehe…. Awal kitak jual pantun ya, kira pantun ya tek dapat dibalas dengan penuh persediaan. hihi… Apa pantun ktk Ain?

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