Kitchennete Wishlist granted

Happy friday!
Today is my birthday in Islam Calendar. 18 Rabiulakhir. Alhamdulillah, I’m still alive… and kicking. hehe.

Do you still remember my kitchennete wishlist? Well, one of them had been granted.


DearDear bought it for me. Weheee… I was so excited.
So, can someone do me a favour? Any nice recipes can be cooked with this pan? You’re welcome to share… πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Kitchennete Wishlist granted

  1. Waaaaa…besttt…mok kmk molah wishlist starting now..pat mntk nok mhl..try ktk recipe license to grill ya..then mbak g opis..

  2. wah.. i pun baru beli grill ni 2 bulan lepas. kat Ikea murah. kat Parkson takmasuk akal punya mahal.
    I suka grill daging atas ni, sebab cepat masak, daging dia juicy & luar ada sweet crust. alamak lapo la pulak..
    tak mo komen lagi, tuan blog. huhu

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