I love to do what I love to do.

Sometimes, the boredorm is killing me in the office.

I’m a good friend with scissor, glue and paper.

While relaxing my mind, I took some used papers and starting to ‘communicate’ with my ‘friends’.

When all of them combined together, this is the result : [TA-DAAA!]

bookmark love


p/s: My ambition : Resign from my job and be a crafter. I dislikes office job.  😦


7 thoughts on “Love.Bookmark

  1. hai zura,
    tau tak maksud tersirat good friend with glue & scissor tu.. maksud dia menurut nujum pak belalang, orang yang suka couple pas tu clash pastu couple balik. hahaha… ahhpy thursday..

    p/s: cantik penanda buku tu..

  2. Kathy, what an idea! Brilliant! i never thought of making a craft class during weekend. it should be fun… ok.. looking forward into making my dream comes true.. 🙂

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