Please don’t visit us

Am being serious…

Please don’t visit us for a moment.



Last Saturday, I spot blisters on Amani’s hand and foot. My mind automatically thought of HFMD (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease).

So we rushed to the clinic, and the doctor confirmed she was infected by HFMD virus.

Told to be quarantine at home at least 1 week. (But the Jabatan Kesihatan told us to stay at home at least 2 weeks).

I will update the full detail of her sickness, but for now I have to warn my relatives and friends.. PLEASE.. DO NOT VISIT US…!

I know you are missing her, especially her grandmother and grandfather had not seen her for almost two weeks.

Not that I am being mean or arrogant, but the virus is seriously fast to infect others.

On day 4, my brother was infected and he is now had blisters on his hand and foot. Even worse than Amani.

If you think you are strong enough to fight with this virus. think again. My brother is 27 years old and still got infected.

I am also infected indeed but only sore throat and one day fever.  Since becoming mama, I can fight sickness with extra strength.

For the sake of daughter…

Salute to all ‘supermom’ out there. I am learning in becoming like them!

Go! Mak Power!! 😀


10 thoughts on “Please don’t visit us

  1. hi ..nak tnya kesan parut hfmd tu kekal pada kulit or akan hilang? sy berumur 23 tahun n baru kena hfmd..sekarang nie dah baik dah..dah seminggu ok..cuma masi ads nak tnya parut nie kekal or macamna ye?..

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