Before this I know hfmd as hfmd.

Since Amani was confirmed to have hfmd, I really know what is HFMD.

I started to browse and read more about Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

One question people will always asked me. “Where did she get the virus?”

To be honest, I’m sick of that question.

How I wish I have the superman eyes, can scan through the things that she touched has germs or viruses… and I will try to avoid her from that place.

Like if you’re having flu or fever, can you say it is 100% from person A or person B?

No you can’t. It might comes from you yourself.

As in Amani’s case, she might got it from her nursery, or it could come from outsiders (adults who touched her), or she might got it from ME.

It’s all about hygiene. Now, read one article of HFMD


Day 1: I feel her palm and armpit were hot.. (Demam ke?) And then I spot some red spots on her palm and her foot… She asked me to garu2 her feet. By looking at the red spots… I already suspected it was HFMD. But I told DearDear she might get complications from the Antibiotics. (She was on antibiotics then). Not satisfied with our feeling, we rushed to the clinic.  The doctor confirmed it was HFMD. Told to be quarantine for 10 days and asked her to drink more fluids. My heart wrenched when hearing the news.

Day 2: The blisters  getting more and more on her palm and feet.  Found the ulcers in her mouth. She refused to drink, and her diapers empty. I started to worry of her might dehydrated. So I started to force her to drink, had to be mean mom. Still she refused to drink. So I took a syringe, fill in some water and started to push it in her mouth. Well she cried so hard, at least she drinks.

Day 3: The blisters getting to looks awful. She still refused to drink more. We tried so many ways to force her to drink. She would just sleeping and laying weakly. The people from Jabatan Kesihatan started calling me. They tried to asked and investigate the disease. They told me not to send her to the nursery at least two weeks. (My looong holiday…)


Day 4: She was getting better. She can eat and drink a little. We gave her ice-cream to increase her appetite. The blisters still red. She was back to active mode. Unfortunately, me and my brother felt funny. I feel hard to swallowed. My brother went to the doctor, and was confirmed he was infected. Oh no…

Day 5 : Look at the picture. She doesn’t look like a sick child. We thought she was recovered from fever. My brother getting worst. He couldn’t even hold things and walked properly. The symptoms are worst than the children had. I was flat indeed, but had to get up and take care of two patients now. I fight the disease, maybe that’s why the blisters didn’t came out on my hand and feet. Only red spots on my feet.

Day 6 : She was back  to normal. Climbing here and there. My sore throat become worst.


Day 7 : The blisters generally heal by themselves. She started to peel off the dead skin. Arghh… I had to prevent her from doing that. Tangan so itchy. huhu. One thing we learned from this situation is maintaining good hygiene because it can minimize the risk of infection. We trained Amani to do it as well. “Amani, wash hand!” She will shows her palms and I drop the hand sanitiser onto her palms. The Dettol Hand Sanitiser is now our good friend.

Alhamdulillah, she is getting better now. My sore throat heal by themselves as well. Doctor said I didn’t get enough rest that’s why the symptom appeared. My brother was referred to the skin specialist and getting better as well.

What a disease….

Now it leaves me to disinfect my house and dealing with my boss about my leaves. Huu….

9 thoughts on “Hfmd

  1. My daughter got it when she was a baby. That was long before this thing became so common and the doctor commented that it was a sickness the cows would get – so annoying. No idea how she got it – she had not started school yet. The doctor said probably the milk. I don’t know…right till today, I don;t know…but it was a difficult time – nobody knew what to do then – just force-fed, kept her strong to fight back and soon, she got better. I hear that today the doctors know the treatment so with early medical attention, it would be fine.

    Hope she has fully recovered by now. Take care all.

    • There is still no cure for this disease. Poor the children, had to fight it so early ages. I bet it comes from our surroundings, the air maybe.
      Thank you. Looking forward to get well also. 🙂

  2. Azura, I pun takut dah nk bwk anak pergi main kat kids park ( dlm mall tu). Sbb takut ada germ mcm ni la.. Kalau kat outdoor park tu mcm confident la sikit bcoz sunray kills germs ( i agak la), kat mall ni kan tertutup & with air cond & all, germs membiak & susah mati. Takkan nk bwk sanintizer spray can pulak kan.. Huhu…

    • Yelah.. I pun dah serik sekarang. Tanak bagi dia pegang sana sini. Before kena hfmd, Amani ada main kat indoor playground dlm kedai makan. Pasni, tanak bagi dia main kat tempat camtu lagi. huhu…

  3. Hi Azura,

    I was searching about HFMD. I was infected with the disease and now my 8th month old baby has shown signs with red spots on the legs and foot. May I know how you sooth your little one when she was down with HFMD?

    Thanks and hope you can share some tips.

    Worrying-mom @ Angela

    • Hi Angela,
      Thank you for reading my post here. Well, I’m afraid it’s not easy to sooth them. Concerning with their down mood, it’s better let them sleeping but never skip giving her fluids. If she resist to drink, use alternative ways like me… I used syringe. Wear her with thin cloth because the blisters can make her feel uncomfortable.
      I hope my tips here is helpful to you. And hopefully she’ll recover soon. 🙂

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